Fab ranks “There Is No Competition 2” as his favorite installment of the series-2:00 I’m two seconds away from walking out of the door…My interview with rapper Fabolous–whose music I’ve adored since junior high school–is at 2:15 and it’s already 2 o’clock. He’ll be fashionably late, I tell myself. Don’t worry! “He isn’t the nicest […]

Popular singer-songwriter The Dream has been working on his fourth album “Fourplay” for some time and he is finally ready to drop the first single called “Slow It Down.” Featuring Fabolous, “Slow It Down” is a request to the strip club DJs to slow the tempo of the music sometimes so The Dream and Fab […]

  In the next installment of TheUrbanDaily.com’s “My First Car” rapper Fabolous confesses to renting a car for eight months before finally purchasing one. “The first car I tried to purchase I went to this auction,” he says in our interview.  “It was a hooptie but it was clean. It only lasted a week. Then […]

ATL’s own Ludacris called into Hot 107.9′s Hoodrich Radio tonight and spoke to DJ Scream and Cory B about the “Representin’” remix with Fabolous and…

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous loves the streets he was raised on. That’s why when Hurricane Sandy destroyed parts of New York, Fab shot his video for the Empire State anthem “So NY.” The black-and-white clip directed by TAJ-TPK shows Loso traveling around the city in the wake of the hurricane. Footage of flooding and other disaster […]

Album singles and music videos go hand in hand when it comes to being successful in this business. Missy Elliott became the best-selling female hip-hop artist because of her unique rhymes style and her wild and colorful videos. However, Missy came up in a time when record labels were forking over millions of dollars for […]

  It’s the statement many women in long-time committed relationships hate looking for more hate to hear: “Yeah, I’m cool with the way things are now.” Not entirely sure how Emily Bustamante of Love & Hip Hop fame feel on the matter, Fabolous’ thoughts on marriage are perfectly clear. Speaking with radio personality Combat Jack, […]

In an interview with The Combat Jack Show, Fabolous explained that he’s quite aware that he’s still often pegged as “underrated,” though he’s not sure why the tag has sticked for all these years. However, he said all it’s done is fuel his desire to work even harder. When asked about being one of the […]

The recent material rapper Fabolous has been releasing hasn’t been as well received as his previous works. However, Fab is back with a brand new song to rectify that. “So NY” is exactly what it sounds like. On the hook, Fab says he is so New York that Lil Wayne might have a problem with […]

Fabolous may be happily involved with Emily B., but that doesn’t stop him from making salacious music and sexy videos with women other than her! Fab released the visuals for his mixtape There Is No Competition III: Death Comes in 3s track– “Got That Work.” Like TheUrbanDaily on Facebook to stay on top of your […]

“going online like ‘when they gonna make that Bentley truck?” 2 Chainz spoke the Bentley truck into fruition on his verse on Young Jeezy’s “Supafreak.” Rapper Fabolous, recently checked out the lavish automobile, posing for a photo with a mean mug. Fabolous Drops $28,000 At The Strip Club  Fabolous Has Become Emily B.’s “Fantasy Man”  

Fabolous made it rain in the Miami strip club “King Of Diamonds” this week. The Dominican rapper donned a pair of customized white sneakers which resembled his country’s flag. Fab posted a photo of himself standing in a pile of money large enough to feed a large village in a third world country, to his […]