Frank Ocean‘s dad wants his famous son to put some respeck on his name. According to TMZ, the Grammy nominated singer is being sued by his father, Calvin Cooksey, who says his son slandered name by claiming he was a bigot. Cooksey filed the lawsuit in response to a Tumblr post that Frank wrote last summer following the Orlando […]

The former football star has agreed to take a paternity test if Khloe visits him in prison.

Diddy‘s mini-me Christian Combs is too cute. The music mogul and proud father hit Instagram with videos of his 17-year-old son heading to prom, and…

Rappers’ lives being played out in the media is nothing new. However, dragging the children into then actual mudslinging is becoming part of the trend. Fans have long known Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson hasn’t had the greatest relationship with his oldest son Marquis. Marquis recently aired his father out on social media saying 50 didn’t […]

According to TMZ, Beyonce‘s father Mathew Knowles allegedly owes $24,000 in back child support to the mother of his 3-year-old son. According to California State records Mathew Knowles failed to pay Alexsandra Wright two child support payments totaling 24 K. Sources close to Wright says she’s having financial problems and has even had to pull […]

  People are crazy. They will go to extreme lengths to hurt those they feel have wronged them in their lives. A man in Redmond, Washington is currently behind bars after trying to kill his four-year-old son by injecting him with heroin. This is said to have been done in a revenge attemept against the […]

  One of the earliest lessons you’re taught is not to bite the hand that feeds you because you’ll wind up starving. Joe Odom, father to NBA player Lamar Odom, is in the midst of learning that lesson. Lamar Odom has stopped paying Joe’s rent and now Joe is facing eviction. As the story goes, […]

                 Since finding success in the music industry in 2002, rapper/actor 50 Cent has been known to get angry and say some things he might regret in the future. He definitely is feeling a little remorse after a text conversation with his son was leaked to the internet. 50 Cent had an argument with his […]

Never underestimate the lengths a mother will go to in the name of protecting her children. A mother is suing more than 250 people in federal court, claiming they viewed and exchanged video of the woman’s two young daughters being sexually abused by their father and another man. Filed Monday in a Baltimore federal court, […]

Drake‘s dad says the hip-hop star was destined to be a mega talent even BEFORE he was born … for one very specific reason. TMZ caught up with Dennis Graham — who was once a drummer for the legendary Jerry Lewis — outside Maestro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills last night, after sharing some father/son time with the iconic rapper. They […]