One of the earliest lessons you’re taught is not to bite the hand that feeds you because you’ll wind up starving. Joe Odom, father to NBA player Lamar Odom, is in the midst of learning that lesson. Lamar Odom has stopped paying Joe’s rent and now Joe is facing eviction.

As the story goes, Joe Odom recently gave an interview where he said the Kardashians are the reason Lamar Odom is having all of the trouble he has now. The elder Odom told the press that Khloe and her family put so much pressure on Lamar that it drove him to addiction. Lamar is said to have gotten so enraged after hearing about his father’s comments that he told his father in no uncertain terms that he was being cut off. Lamar has been paying his father’s $2,900 rent for the past four years and since Lamar has stopped paying, it’s only a matter of time before the elder Odom is evicted because he has already admitted that he cant’t afford the rent.

If the father and son don’t work out their differences by the end of the month, Joe Odom will be out on the street.  Hopefully, they can work everything out.



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