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If we don't know anything else, we know this one thing: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make some adorable kids together.


DMX is currently locked up in prison, but his past accomplishments seem to be in the hands of his own son at the moment. The…

The mother of a deceased teen from Chicago accepted his diploma during an emotional graduation ceremony this week after he was killed in a devastating…


Diddy‘s mini-me Christian Combs is too cute. The music mogul and proud father hit Instagram with videos of his 17-year-old son heading to prom, and…

While rapper/actor 50 Cent has been out promoting his upcoming album “Animal Ambition,” he was constantly being asked about his relationship with his teenaged son Marquis. Marquis recently revealed his father didn’t even show up to his high school graduation. 50 responded by blaming Marquis’ mother Shaniqua Tompkins for leveraging Marquis to get more money […]

Rappers’ lives being played out in the media is nothing new. However, dragging the children into then actual mudslinging is becoming part of the trend. Fans have long known Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson hasn’t had the greatest relationship with his oldest son Marquis. Marquis recently aired his father out on social media saying 50 didn’t […]

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy is in a mess of legal trouble following his arrest for assault, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats. All of this stemmed from a September 2012 incident between Jeezy and his 17-year-old son Jedarius.   According to the arrest reports, Jeezy and his son got into a very heated argument and […]

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy is facing a new legal battle. The rapper was recently arrested for false imprisonment, battery, and making terroristic threats to his teenage son. The police documents explain that Jeezy, real name Jay Jenkins, got into an fight with his teenage son in a bathroom. The rapper was alleged to have thrown […]

  In today’s terrible parenting news, a woman just received nine to thirty years in prison for physically abusing her own son. Some of the abuse includes burning his penis and nipples with a lighter and forcing the young man to eat feces. The New Hampshire woman named Christine Gelineau struck a plea deal with […]


  Just when you thought this story could not get any more heartbreaking it up and does. There are pictures all over the internets showing Adrian Peterson with a little boy said to be his young son. Well the child in the picture is in fact his son but he is not the son that […]

  People are crazy. They will go to extreme lengths to hurt those they feel have wronged them in their lives. A man in Redmond, Washington is currently behind bars after trying to kill his four-year-old son by injecting him with heroin. This is said to have been done in a revenge attemept against the […]