In today’s terrible parenting news, a woman just received nine to thirty years in prison for physically abusing her own son. Some of the abuse includes burning his penis and nipples with a lighter and forcing the young man to eat feces.

The New Hampshire woman named Christine Gelineau struck a plea deal with prosecutors where she plead guilty to first-degree assault and witness tampering. Local newspaper, The Concord Monitor is reporting the Assistant District Attorney George Waldron detailed the 18-year-old boy’s injuries. According to Waldron, the boy suffers from irreversible nerve damage in his penis after his mother burned it with a lighter back in April. Gelineau was also accused of burning her son’s nipples completely off as well.

Christine Gelineau,53, didn’t just stop at burning her own son, she also forced him to eat worms. The prosecutor on the case, Tracy Connolly, stated, “He was also told that if he did not eat some worms that were provided to him that they were going to burn his penis. He did in fact eat the worms.

Gelineau had help when it came to torturing her son. 20-year-old Daniel Tyler Cantrell, an acquiantence of Christine Gelineau, will go to trial on charges related to the abuse. He is accused of, among other things, twisting the 18-year-old’s ankle before it eventually broke. Cantrell also is accused of making the boy eat feces.

A cousin of the 18-year-old, Amy Nason, will appear before a judge next month on related charges, but they haven’t been disclosed at this time.

That is is so sick and disgusting!



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