Tyrese has asked his fans to come together in prayer for his mother, who is in critical condition.

The mother of a deceased teen from Chicago accepted his diploma during an emotional graduation ceremony this week after he was killed in a devastating…

When it comes time for the NBA to hand out the NBA trophy, the acceptance speeches are notorious for bringing these big hulking players to tears. Well, this year’s MVP Kevin Durant cried his eyes out, but made sure everyone in the room cried right along with him. Durant accepted his MVP Award trophy  and […]

Legendary Hip-Hop hypeman Flavor Flav is probably known for his countless brushes with the law as much as he is for his contributions to Public Enemy. Flav was recently arrested again, but this time it was under crazy circumstances. Flavor Flav was hauled to jail for driving with 16 license suspensions. Here’s where it gets crazier. Flav was on his way to his mother’s […]

“Scandal” fans rejoice!  The Pope family has been expanded with the addition of actress Khandi Alexander, who will play Liv’s mom, Maya Lewis.  Alexander is no stranger to primetime; the talented actress was recently seen on the HBO drama “Treme” (2010-2012),  and was a series regular on “CSI: Miami” as Dr. Alexx Woods from 2002-2009. […]

  In today’s terrible parenting news, a woman just received nine to thirty years in prison for physically abusing her own son. Some of the abuse includes burning his penis and nipples with a lighter and forcing the young man to eat feces. The New Hampshire woman named Christine Gelineau struck a plea deal with […]

  A 70-year-old Florida woman was willing to take the most extreme measures to make sure her son wasn’t stuck in an unhappy marriage, despite not being certain if her son was truly unhappy in his marriage. However, the elderly woman was arrested after she tried to solicit an undercover cop to murder her daughter-in-law. […]

Here comes the hell and high water! Last week’s season premiere of “Scandal” broke records with 10.3 million viewers and over 700,000 tweets.  Scandaholics were glued to their television screens as they  witnessed the epic showdown between Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and newly revealed daddy, Rowan Pope. RELATED: “Scandal” Review: Daddy Knows Best [Season 3, […]

  People are crazy. They will go to extreme lengths to hurt those they feel have wronged them in their lives. A man in Redmond, Washington is currently behind bars after trying to kill his four-year-old son by injecting him with heroin. This is said to have been done in a revenge attemept against the […]

  People go to extremes just to make sure another person isn’t happy. In this case, a mother took her level of disdain for the father of her children to an inexcusable level. A woman murdered her children after it was ruled that primary custody of the children should go to the father. Although many […]

Anyone who is a person of color, especially a person of African American or Latino decent will tell you that sometimes you come across people who are gender specific in their racism. You might hear of someone who has no problem with black women but hates black men or vice versa. As odd as it […]