It’s been three years since the passing of gangsta singer Nate Dogg, yet his estate is still not settled. Nate Dogg’s six children are still fighting over the sale of Nate’s Pomona, California home. As the story goes, when Nate Dogg passed, he left his home to his six children. However, a mere two days […]

The mother of music mogul Diddy‘s first child, Misa Hylton-Brim is in the midst of a battle to save her New York City home from being foreclosed upon. She wants Diddy’s help to stop the bank from snatching back her property, but Diddy wants no parts of the matter. The Revolt founder filed a response […]

  It looks like while Stephon Marbury is busy overseas playing basketball, his bills aren’t being taken care of. The former NBA player’s New York City condo is facing foreclosure because he allegedly hasn’t paid the mortgage in three years. According to legal documents filed by U.S. Bank International, Marbury purchased a condo with two […]

It’s official! Allen Iverson is having the worst week ever. After being called one of the worst parents around, Iverson’s mansion in Atlanta was recently sold in a foreclosure auction. A.I. allegedly failed to pay anything towards the $1.2 million mortgage. Iverson’s failure to cough up the mortgage resulted in the $4.5 million mansion being […]