Cube revealed he met with New Line Cinema about creating Last Friday and says the ball is in their court.

  Long-time Hollywood actor Reynaldo Rey has passed away at the age of 75 due to stroke complications, Entertainment Weekly reports. Mostly known for his comedic roles in popular Black films like White Men Can’t Jump, House Party 3 and Friday, Rey maintained a steady presence on the movie and television scenes for over two decades. […]

The ’90s classic, “Friday” turns 20 years old this weekend and we couldn’t help but celebrate it the best way we know how. With our favorite lines from the movie! How many do you still say today because they are so awesome? Warning: Explicit language used!

From the early ’90s to about a decade onwards, comedian Chris Tucker was on top of the world. His high-pitched and high-speed style of comedy branded him an appealing comedic foil in many a movie. But now he’s looking to make his way back into the spotlight proper with an upcoming Netflix-produced stand-up special. After the world was […]

Need plans for 4/20? New Line Cinema has announced that it will screen the stoner-comedy Friday for a single day on April 20 in celebration of the movie’s 20th anniversary. The Ice Cube and Chris Tucker-starring movie will get rolled out at theaters nationwide on the unofficial weed holiday for a 7:30 PM local time screening, according to BuzzFeed. “For the theaters, for […]

The comedy “Friday” is a comedy classic that has had audiences doubled over in laughter since its debut in 1995. The weed comedy has gone on to spawn several successful sequels. While many of the actors have been excited about a fourth installment in the franchise, one actor isn’t too pleased about a fourth movie. […]

The battle of the “Friday” characters is heating up. A few days after actor Faizon Love told TMZ cameras Katt Williams pulled a gun on him outside of the Supper Club in Los Angeles, Katt Williams responded by calling Love a snitch. In case you’re unaware, Katt Williams was recently arrested outside of the Supper […]

If you needed some me time after a long dreary winter, and money weren’t an issue, wouldn’t you treat yourself to a luxury travel vacation? There’s nothing like a sun-drenched holiday villa, beach vacation resort to recharge your batteries. Your can spend days at the beach, soaking up the sun or cooling off in the […]

VIA: Mike Epps was in Houston promoting his upcoming stand up comedy tour, “Still Standing” and stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show to give us the scoop on his Twitter beef with Kevin Hart and his latest movies. Houston’s Top 25 Women Mike Epps has confirmed a new edition of Friday with Ice Cube, […]

The Friday film has a fourth edition in the works, and Ice Cube and Chris Tucker will both be in the new film. The news came straight from Tommy “Tiny” Lister, a.k.a., “Deebo.” Get more details about the next Friday here. RELATED POSTS: Ice Cube Readies N.W.A. Pic, Sons’ Music Chris Tucker Jokes About IRS […]

Nia Long is like that one fierce and fabulous girlfriend who you both love and hate, yet secretly worship. Outspoken, composed, fashionable, and classy , Nia is one of the few actresses who dares to challenge Hollywood’s perception of black women. As her body of work will testify, Nia has never been one to lower […]