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The comedy “Friday” is a comedy classic that has had audiences doubled over in laughter since its debut in 1995. The weed comedy has gone on to spawn several successful sequels. While many of the actors have been excited about a fourth installment in the franchise, one actor isn’t too pleased about a fourth movie.


The actress who played the adulterous neighbor Miss Parker, Kathleen Bradley, says audiences shouldn’t go see the movie because she isn’t in the film anymore. She was interviewed on the red carpet of an event where she talked about the flick “Last Friday” and how it will turn out despite a few of the actors from the original aren’t returning to the film. Bradley stated, “My fans are mad, they’re pissed off, as well as I am, so don’t go see it. It won’t be the same without Chris Tucker or myself.”

I get where she’s coming from when she says it won’t be the same if Chris Tucker in it because who wouldn’t love to see how Smokeys drug-addictedself turned out. However, Miss Parker literally had two scenes in the film and one of those scenes was funny because of Bernie Mac‘s line of “The Lord is my shephard and he know what I want! Come her, Miss Parker!” So for her to tell people not to see the movie because she won’t be in it is crazy. She wasn’t in the last two “Friday” films and they did just fine.

Check out the clip below.



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