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Kendrick Lamar isn’t the most TMZ-friendly artist around. He’s the type to duck paparazzi and doesn’t ignite the rumor-mill with public relationship woes or extravagant purchases. Instead, he makes statements. At the BET Awards he performed from atop a vandalized police cruiser with the American flag waving in the background. His video for “Alright” brought the […]


Since signing on with Fox News, Stacey Dash’s comments on various matters haven’t exactly endeared her to certain segments of the viewing audience. In October of 2014, Dash said Louisiana minority voters under the Affordable Heath Care Act adopted a “plantation mentality.” In February of 2015, Dash apologized for what she called a “failed attempt […]

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It seems like every few months Geraldo Rivera scuttles out from the Fox News umbrella to say something stupid. Most recently, Rivera, who warned America about the perils of wearing hooded sweatshirts after Trayvon Martin’s death, sat down with HuffPost Live and broke down a topic he seems to know nothing about: hip-hop. “Hip-hop has done more damage to Black and […]

Remember the days when Geraldo Rivera was actually a respected voice in journalism? My, have those times changed. The journalist recently gave everyone another reason not to like him when he called President Obama a stuck up snob. The weird part about Rivera’s comments is that he was actually in the middle of saying he […]

Normally when we do a “W.W.Y.B.” piece, it’s based around the actions of some poor soul who could’ve avoided some self-inflicted embarrassment with a handful of well-placed words from someone who gives a damn. MUST READ: 9 Signs That You May Listen To Too Much Rap Music But seeing as how the homie Geraldo Rivera decided […]


Maybe 70 is the new 50 but common sense clearly isn’t common. Mr. Rivera you have now officially become the dirty old man down the street! Please put it away sir…all of it! Yikes! First he was going around trashing murdered teenagers then he showed up at the NYC rally for Trayvon taking camera phone […]

As if it couldn’t get any worse for Geraldo Rivera after his crass remarks about the Trayvon Martin case, Rivera revealed his oldest son, Gabriel Rivera, was ashamed of his views on Trayvon Martin. Geraldo blamed Martin’s death on the fact he was wearing a hoodie.When slammed for his controversial remarks, Rivera tweeted, “Its not […]

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera has stuck his foot all in his mouth last night on Fox News. When discussing the tragedy of Trayvon Martin, Rivera had a few comments that didn’t sit too well with the public. Rivera blamed Trayvon Martin’s murder on him wearing a hoodie, despite the fact it was raining. Geraldo […]