Maybe 70 is the new 50 but common sense clearly isn’t common. Mr. Rivera you have now officially become the dirty old man down the street! Please put it away sir…all of it! Yikes!

First he was going around trashing murdered teenagers then he showed up at the NYC rally for Trayvon taking camera phone pics of Jay Z and Beyonce yesterday and now he is trying to let it all hang out for the Twitterverse!  This is not a good look. In fact it’s a creepy look and we need him to go ahead and feel the shame that he has apparently been incapable of feeling  for years so that this picture thing goes no further! Please and Thank You!

Of course we weren’t the only ones to feel a way! The Twitterverse rejected the notion that they should be shared with! Check out reaction to Geraldo’s selfie below!

For some reason we think we’re going to be hearing Gerldo say, “What you want me to do I’m sorry!”.


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