Bet you didn’t know President Obama could get down like this. During Barack Obama’s historic trip to Kenya, the president boogied with the best of them…

Jennifer Lopez  and Iggy Azalea have teased out a trailer to their much awaited song, “Booty,” and it’s 30 seconds filled with everything that you expect. Watch below.   Because this is only 30 seconds, and we want to see more of the booty, here’s some gifs to hold you over until the full-length video drops.   […]


There are two things we love here at Nicki Minaj’s booty and Gifs. So gifs of Nicki Minaj’s booty make us really, really happy. To continue the promo blitz for her bootylicious new single, “Anaconda” she has released a teaser for the video (which appears to pay homage to the Sir-Mix-A-Lot classic that inspired […]

Biz Markie stabs a shark then tosses it in a pizzeria oven and Damon John from FUBU gets flattened by the Statue of Liberty in an allegory on the failure of urban fashion in America. That pretty much sums up the awesome ridiculousness of Syfy’s ultra campy TV movie, “Sharknado 2: The Second One.” Not since […]

If you could do something new every day for the rest of your life, what would you do? No matter how absurd or how extravagant the thought has to have crossed your mind at least once. Here are 10 of the things we’d do every single day.      1. Hang out with friends 2. […]

Nicki Minaj has finally released the video to her single, “Pills And Potions,” the first single from her upcoming album “The Pink Print.” In this kaleidoscope of THC inspired imagery rapper The Game plays her object of affection as Minaj gives Playboy an upgrade while crying T-1000 tears. Here are some of the moments that made […]

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YMCMB just premiered the new video to “Senile” from their “Rise Of An Empire” compilation which was released on March 11th. The video, directed by Colin Tilley, has been gaining buzz for weeks thanks to some Instagram photos Nicki posted of her in a black and gold Moschino outfit. The final product is trisected into technicolor […]

Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno must feel really thankful. Maybe it was because he survived Black Friday with all of his limbs intact or someone through some trash on the ground, but while the National Anthem played before the Sunday afternoon contest against the Kansas City Chiefs he was a 5’11” 201 lb ball […]