1. Beyonce Running

Bionic Bey…

2. Beyonce Shooting

Look baby, I won a bear.

3. Jay Z Flirts

“Absolutely…” not naming the next baby ‘Dereon’…

4. Sippin and Drivin

What is she eating though? Your soul…

5. Beyonce in a lineup

The usual suspect?

6. Beyonce Shooting

Sasha Fierce as Foxxy Cleopatra

7. Love in an elevator

You know you were thinking the same thing…

8. Beyonce In The Pool

If you can’t make it rain like this, just stop.

9. Thigh Kiss


10. Explosive

Does Hype Williams get royalties for explosions in rap videos?

11. Fin

Plies is somewhere calling Young Buck saying, “You see this sh*t??”