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Ever wanted to know how Beyonce looked on her wedding day? What Jay Z wore or how they gazed into each others eyes at the alter? If you’re like us, that answer is “hell yeah!” Fans were given a glimpse into the Carter wedding by Beyonce’s fan page “BeyLite,” that posted a never-before-seen image from […]


Mathew Knowles thinks that Solange‘s elevator fight with Jay Z was a masterfully executed marketing ploy. Everyone’s been keeping a much closer on Jay and…

In case you missed the “On the Run” Tour with Jay Z and Beyonce (like so many others did), don’t fret. HBO just released the trailer for their concert special that will be airing September 9. Take a look below. Like on Facebook! MORE LINKS ON THE URBAN DAILY J. Cole & Elle Varner […]

Jay Z is no stranger to the politics game. In fact, he’s quite skilled in blurring the lines and using hip-hop as a vehicle to spread political messages. From his widely public support of President Obama to using his On The Run Tour stage Aug 3 at the Rose Bowl in California to support Proposition […]

Not able to check out Jay Z and Beyonce at the “On the Run” tour? Take a look at these concert and behind-the-scenes pics in case you missed it!

  So the “On the Run” tour hasn’t sold out not one date — and we have a good idea why! Jay Z and Beyonce have been up in our faces ever since Blue was born, and while most people seem to like that, CLEARLY, there are those out there who aren’t feeling it. Why […]