grandmaster flash

It seems like majority of the female population can hardly wait for the upcoming male stripper movie, Magic Mike XXL, and now they’ve added on another…

Apparently, Hip-Hop legend Grandmaster Flash is getting spammed on Facebook, and it’s by grandparents. BuzzFeed first reported on the strange phenomenon a few days ago: When you type a Facebook status, suggestions are made to auto-tag other users. When you start typing “grandma”, it often suggests tagging the seminal hip-hop artist Grandmaster Flash. As a result, […]

Pioneering hip-hop DJ Grandmaster Flash was the victim of a theft at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in New York City last week.  The DJ’s laptop was stolen from the venue after his gig.

In the next installment of Smirnoff Inspire DJ series the legendary Grandmaster Flash recounts what inspired him to revolutionize the art of DJing forever.