Cheaters beware. Hackers who stole sensitive information from, a website that arranges hook-ups for married individuals, have made good on their threat to expose more than…

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Identity theft affects everyone no matter how much you’re worth. According to TMZ several entertainers and politicians, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Vice President Joe Biden have had their financial information compromised by a computer hacker. Must Read:Rappin’ Paper: The Most Expensive Lyrics Of 2012 While details remain sketchy, an undisclosed website obtained and […]

As if pleading to a two-year prison sentence yesterday wasn’t enough, Queens, New York rapper Ja Rule must now contend with hackers, who seem to have taken over his Twitter account.

While the world was glued to LeBron James stroking his own ego on ESPN last night, another egomaniac took a bit of a blow to his own ego.