Super Producer Pete Rock was a guest on “Who We Got Wednesdays” for ESPN’s “First Take” to discuss the recent play of the Los Angeles Lakers. “Kobe is very talented and when he involves teammates things change,” Pete Rock said of the Lakers All-Star and his recent trend of passing before shooting. “Lakers are about […]

[ooyala code=”l2bGFnODosWhLqKkQ55mg8uXw0btIbZM”] In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” he does a remarkable job of discerning the patterns in the upbringing of successful people. In studying the lives of billionaires like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates he discovered that among the many factors that contribute to being accomplished in your field, familial support and timing play a […]

Once upon a time you couldn’t walk down the virtual internet hallways without tripping over a Jay-Z remix album. But since Hola Hovito stopped releasing official a capellas to his albums the well has dried up the rainbow assortment of mash-ups. However, that hasn’t stopped Grammy winning producer and Jay-Z collaborator 9th Wonder from revisiting […]

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Before he became be known for scummy moves and funny faces on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”, Stevie J. was actually known for making a respectable living as a member of Diddy’s production team The Hitmen, a group that provided the back bone to Bad Boy’s period of dominance from the late 90s to the early […]

Remember when a remix was more than just slapping forty-five new regional voices to the same beat to get more spins on the radio? Well Robert Glasper does and he feels your pain. Earlier this year he released the remarkable Black Radio project, which featured a fusion of hip-hop and jazz from the likes of […]

In episode 4 of “For The Record,” Torae is in the final stretch of recording his album with a deadline to meet. Torae hits the road to Norfolk, VA to work with producer Nottz. After interviewing with DJ Bee of 103 Jamz and finishing the track “Thank You,”  he drives to Bright Lady Studios in […]

In the next episode of Torae’s “Off The Record” docu-series the MC  takes us behind the scenes of recording his album, For The Record. In episode 3, Torae meets with his business and creative consultants to answer the following questions:  How do we build buzz?  What producers will take us to the next level?  What […]

In the next episode of Torae’s “Off The Record” docu-series entitled “What It Sound Like,” the MC shares his life as a father and his humble beginnings as a rapper. WATCH: Torae Talks Losing Vision In Left Eye, Gun Violence In Projects [VIDEO] Episode 2 traces Torae’s journey as an MC, starting as a young […]

Hip-Hop producer Bangladesh is tired of these young producers stealing his style and sound. While in London working with boy band JLS, Bangladesh stopped by Tim Westwood’s radio show to talk about his influences and air out the people he believes stole his style. Tim Westwood and Bangladesh were having a cool conversation when the […]

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‘Curator’ is probably one of the most over-used pop culture buzzwords of 2012 – only this time it perfectly applies. On Friday June 29, 2012 legendary Engineer/Producer/DJ Young Guru hosted Sounds & Vision: The Art of Sampling at the 92YTribeca cultural arts space. For the first of three installments, Guru welcomed Sean C & LV […]

On a late Sunday evening sometimes it’s good to just unplug from the madness and relax. During my recent internet browsing I came across this mix by DJ/Producers Question and Freddie Joachim that seemed like the perfect way to come down from a crazy weekend or get your mind right for the work week ahead.  […]

Stevie J has made quite a name for himself thanks to the premiere of “Love & Hip-Hop” Atlanta. But how much do you really know about the super producer? Before he became the most talked about man on reality TV he was making hits for everyone from 112 to Mariah Carey.  Check out a few […]