Prince‘s death saga is starting to feel all too familiar. The singer’s criminal death investigation is in full swing, and authorities are scrutinizing his doctors—just as it happened in Michael Jackson‘s death investigation. According to reports, authorities are taking a hard look at Prince’s primary physician Dr. Michael Schulenberg and renowned addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld, to […]

After the removal of Bill Cosby’s statue at Disney in Hollywood, networks dropping reruns of his hit television shows, and an admission of drugging a woman with the intent to have sex, the Los Angeles Police Department is finally opening an investigation against comedian. According to ABC News, the LAPD will look into every single case made […]


Jared Fogle has become the face of controversy today, as reports surfaced that his home was raided by authorities over an investigation of his involvement…

The Life

One of the two murderers who escaped from an upstate New York prison two weeks ago was shot and killed by officers on Friday. The…

Jay Z and a collection of some of his master recordings are in the middle of an extortion investigation. The masters were recorded between 1998 and 2002 are valued somewhere between fifteen and twenty million dollars. The police have already taken possession of the tapes which led to the extortion investigation. A producer named Chauncey […]

Actor Columbus Short might be taking his role as one of Olivia Pope’s gladiators a little to seriously. The actor who plays Harrison Wright on the hit ABC drama “Scandal” is now being investigated by police after getting into a bar fight. As the story goes, Short was at an L.A. establishment called Gabe’s Bar […]

Music industry insider Suge Knight lived up to his violent reputation this past Sunday all because he didn’t get the weed he assumed he would get for making an appearance at a marijuana dispensary in California. The LAPD responded to call at a local weed shop about a disturbance. When police got to the scene […]

The fallout behind Chris Brown‘s  arrest in Washington D.C. is getting serious. After getting conflicting reports from police officers and a secret service agent, Washington D.C.’s Internal Affairs Bureau is opening an investigation of Brown’s arrest.   If you recall, Breezy was arrested in Washington D.C. back in October for allegedly punching a fan in […]

Never underestimate the lengths people will go to in order to get their hands on some money. While most people will work to make an honest living, one Florida resident said to to hell with work and ripped an ATM machine right out of a bank’s drive thru.    According to police in Orlando, they […]

  Sports legend Deion Sanders has landed himself in water and this time it has nothing to do with his nasty divorce from estranged wife Pilar Sanders. Deion Sanders is being investigated after a Texas charter school employee claimed to have ben assaulted by the football legend. According to Kevin Jefferson, he was in a […]

Things have gone from bad to worse with ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez. After being arrested and charged with first degree murder, a witness is now claiming that Hernandez confessed to the shooting death of Odin Lloyd. However, something is a little sketchy about the new claim. Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace are believed by prosecutors […]


  Wait What?! In recent travel hell news, according to, the FAA is investigating an incident in which two planes came entirely too close for comfort to one another in the skies over New York City last week!  NBC 4 reports that on June 13, 2013 a near miss happened when a Delta 747 airplane missed its […]