Will Smith has fired back at rumors saying that he and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are in the process of ending they 17-year marriage. Taking to Facebook yesterday (August 3), the rapper-turned-actor denounced any rumors that were spreading, stating that if he ever decided to leave his “Queen” he’d tell the world himself. Read […]

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are Hollywood’s golden couple. The pair has been married for 17 years, which is like one hundred years in Hollywood. Rumors have been spreading for years about the duo’s marital status. But according to reports, Will and Jada are actually secretly in the process of ending their marriage. A source […]

Will and Jada are more than just a couple. They are a beacon for black love. When rumors surfaced that their 15-year marriage was coming to an end, the world was in awe. Nothing has stemmed form the rumors thus far and Jada reassures us that they aren’t even close to true! Jada addressed the […]

Maybe Will and Jada aren’t getting a divorce! That, or they are really trying to throw us off…The famous black couple are trying their hands at reality TV! “This show will comb the world to find a new breed of talent. I am happy to be creating it alongside Simon Cowell, the Sony team, and […]

As a part of our summer movie coverage, TheUrbandaily.com will be posting a new Black movie trivia question and picking winners every Tuesday and Thursday. The more questions you answer, the greater your chance of winning! So here is today’s question: What animated movie did Jada Pinkett-Smith provide her voice for? CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT […]

Jada Pinkett looks amazing on the June/July cover of Uptown Magazine. The accomplished actress and mother of three tells Uptown “Whеn Jaden dіd Thе Pursuit οf Happiness, I wаѕ supposed tο gο οn tour wіth Guns N’ Roses іn Europe.[…][Turning down the offer and disbanding the group] wаѕ probably thе mοѕt heartbreaking experience. Bυt whаt […]

Jay-Z has been nominated for an Illuminati award along with Obama and Justin Bieber. Also we give out the Joe Jackson parent of the year award. Every week we select our pick of the hottest content from today’s entertainment & arts movers & shakers. Filmakers, musicians, poets, animators, etc. can now submit their hottest video […]