Janet Jackson

Not that they can step onto her property legally anymore anyhow, but there’s chatter that Katherine Jackson is none too thrilled with Janet Jackson, Randy Jackson, and Rebbie Jackson over what has been sensationalized as a “kidnapping plot” in protest of the executors of the late Michael Jackson’s estate. According to Radar Online, Mama Jackson […]

Last week we brought you Then & Now: 1990s Music Icons and this week we have the 1980s up next! Take a look back at all the reason why you loved (or maybe hated) the 1980s in our then & now gallery of celebrities from the decade. You’ll see Whitney Houston before the drama, LL […]

Not sure if it was merely their conscience calling or an attorney representing Janet Jackson threatening to crank that lawsuit, but TMZ is retracting a story that Damita Jo called her niece, Paris Jackson, a “spoiled little b*tch” and engaged in a slap off with her. Paris herself had already denied the story via Twitter, […]

According to Roland S. Martin, the Jackson family drama may be cooling off after a few weeks of intense bickering back and forth, but don’t expect everyone coming back together completely. That is, if you’re Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, Randy Jackson, and Jermaine Jackson trying to find your way back onto the property where Katherine […]

There’s no school like the old school!  Soul legend Gladys Knight stopped by CBS’s “The Talk” to add her two cents to the ever-escalating Jackson family feud. MUST READ: Katherine Jackson Says “I’m Doing Fine” Knight, who is a close family friend of the Jacksons, shared her thoughts on the alleged argument between Janet and […]

The Jackson family feud has become anything but family business. The drama with the famous clan has become so big in the headlines, Chris Brown is commenting on the matter. Brown — who idolized the late Michael Jackson — called for the family to put aside their differences and resolve their issues for the children’s […]

Do Damita Jo and Michael Jackson’s baby girl have beef? Amid all the reports of friction with the Jackson Family comes word that Janet Jackson and Paris Jackson had a bit of an altercation. TMZ reports: We now have details about the incident.  Sources who were there say two SUVs with Randy, Jermaine and Janet inside, followed a car […]

There have been more questions than answers when it comes to the drama surrounding the Jackson family and their internal squabbling. In the latest installment of nonsense, Trent Jackson, who is the nephew of Katherine, has banned Janet and Randy Jackson from the family’s mansion in California. According to reports, police were called to the […]

The drama surrounding the Jackson family is never done. Reports have surfaced alleging Randy and Jermaine Jackson are trying to put the paws on Michael Jackson’s money. A person close to Michael Jackson‘s estate claims Randy and Jermaine have hatched some plot to get their hands on their late brother’s money. The worst part about […]

Janet Jackson has announced plans to executive produce a documentary about members of the transgendered community. According to Janet, the film will help “stop the hate and find understanding” for transgender men and women. The documentary will be called Truth and is described as “a journey through the lives of trans- and nongendered people around the world […]

In the latest issue of Prevention magazine, cover girl Janet Jackson talks about soul mates and how she plans on being a good example to her niece, Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter Paris Jackson. On being an example to her niece Paris, Michael’s 14-year-old daughter who landed her first film role in Lundon’s Bridge and the […]