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The hotel guard who was forced to let armed robbers into Kim Kardashian's private room earlier this month is speaking out.

In a new promotional video for Glamour magazine, the ever successful Kim Kardashian was tasked with writing a letter to her future self. The 34-year-old…

According to Eben Gregory, Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Kanye West on her Instagram. In the pic Kanye was wearing a face mask just like the ones worn by Jay Z and Beyonce in their “On the Run Tour” promos. This seems a little strange upon first glance but after reading the caption that is written […]

With silicone booty parts, butt pads, and butt shots it’s hard to tell now-a-days what’s real and what isn’t. Can you tell which ones are home grown and which ones are man- made?

In the black culture we celebrate a woman’s curves like it was written in the bible. I don’t know if there’s a boot camp that all these female celebrities go to that whips their bodies into shape, but these women have the coke bottle look down pack!