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  Dwight Howard took to Twitter last night to make his announcement about leaving the LA Lakers and going to The Houston Rockets! Check it out below! RELATED: Bun B On Dwight Howard Trade To Rockets [EXCLUSIVE] So, we guess since Twitter was D12’s way of breaking the news, it was also Kobe Bryant’s way of expressing […]

Believe it or not some of the greatest NBA players were not a No. 1 draft pick when entering the league. Although many No. 1 draft picks have went on to have successful careers, there are plenty of players who surprised us all. Here’s a look at some of the greatest NBA players-both active and […]

  Those of us who sort of hoped that Kobe Bryant and his parents would have made up before Mother’s Day, can forget all about that pipe dream! According to TMZ, Kobe’s parents are standing together and away from Kobe! They claim Kobe was lying about  his mother allegedly stealing more than a million dollars […]

  As we previously reported, Kobe Bryant and his mother Pamela Bryant have been at odds over memorabilia from Kobe’s youth and early career that Pamela has been trying to sell to an auction house. The auction house had already given her a $450,000 advance on Kobe’s box of personal treasures. The auction house decided […]

  Hey Kobe’s mom wasn’t shooting jumpers in the gym! Oh, wait that probably doesn’t apply here huh? Alright well we digress, but now it makes sense. As we previously reported Kobe Bryant and his mother are involved in a court battle over his career memorabilia. His mother had taken some very cherished items to an auction house to sell and […]

  Wow, you hate to see this happen. According to TMZ, Kobe Bryant’s mother is fighting with Kobe over priceless basketball memorabilia, including his 1998 All Star ring. Apparently, Kobe’s mom, Pamela Bryant, had an agreement with Goldin Auctions to sell a lot of Kobe’s basketball memorabilia  including a 2000 All Star game signed ball, game and practice jerseys […]

  This time it’s Steve Nash stepping front and center on Kobe’s behalf. When TMZ questioned Steve about his thoughts on the rumors regarding the Lakers cutting Kobe to save themselves a potential $80 million, Nash responded the way a good team mate should! Take a look!   So, now that the talk has switched […]

On April 15, 1947 Jackie Robinson integrated American sports when he became the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball.  The movie based on his life, “42” opened up as the #1 movie in America on the day when all baseball players wear his number to commemorate his achievements. In this week’s “What’s Hot” […]

  After Friday nights game in which the LA Laker’s super duper star Kobe Bryant was injured, his fellow wounded team mate   Jordan Hill spoke to TMZ cameras and  told them what he thought about Kobe’s injury and the slight chance that the Laker’s can hang on through the play-offs! Check out what he […]

  Welp! If you thought you might not get to hear about how Mr. Kobe Bryant truly felt about his most recent injury, then you would be wrong! Kobe went on a tirade last night that would even make Kanye West say, Wow! Check out Kobe’s Facebook entry! “This is such BS! All the training […]

  “I would have smacked the hell out of him no question about it.” says LA Lakers mega star Kobe Bryant. But who is he talking about and why is he talking about him like that? We all know that statement is pretty out of character for Kobe. He is referring to, recently fired Rutgers University head […]

  According to ESPN, Kobe Bryant just passed fellow LA Lakers Super Hero Alum Wilt Chamberlain on the NBA‘s career scoring list. With 7:54 remaining in the second quarter, Kobe’s jumper sent him over  Chamberlain’s record of 31,419 points. The top three ahead of Bryant are; 1.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387 points 2.  Karl Malone […]