Wow, you hate to see this happen. According to TMZKobe Bryant’s mother is fighting with Kobe over priceless basketball memorabilia, including his 1998 All Star ring.

Apparently, Kobe’s mom, Pamela Bryant, had an agreement with Goldin Auctions to sell a lot of Kobe’s basketball memorabilia  including a 2000 All Star game signed ball, game and practice jerseys from his days at Lower Merion High School, a Lakers jacket and shorts, trophies, his varsity high school letters and lots of other stuff. We know mothers who had sons that didn’t even play after high school who would never part with such things, and especially not those letters and trophies!

According to a lawsuit … obtained by TMZ …

“The auction house gave Pamela a $450,000 advance, which she says will be used immediately to buy a new home.  According to the lawsuit, Pamela told the auction house Kobe gave her all the stuff outright 5 years ago.”

However, Kobe says that he’s the rightful owner of all of the memento’s  and he has been trying to block the auction. We know if those were our career long memories, we would feel the same exact way.

The action by Kobe has Goldin Auctions spooked out and now they themselves have gone to court, and are naming Kobe as the defendant instead of his mother! They’ve asked a judge to declare Pamela the owner of the goods! The judge has not made a decision yet.

Wow, Kobe is the one that has been working his butt off all these years to have those things. We don’t know if he promised them to his mother or not, but what kid would expect their parents to sell them?! It’s unfortunate. What’s truly sad is that Kobe is in his 30’s now, and his mother is trying to sell his stuff to by herself a house. Is it really his responsibility to finance that for her?

We’re sure there is much more to come out about this story! We’ll stay tuned.


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