The untimely deaths of Biggie and Tupac will haunt the hip-hop world for many years to come, so of course when Faith Evans sat down with Huff Post Live, the subject came up yet again.

After the removal of Bill Cosby’s statue at Disney in Hollywood, networks dropping reruns of his hit television shows, and an admission of drugging a woman with the intent to have sex, the Los Angeles Police Department is finally opening an investigation against comedian. According to ABC News, the LAPD will look into every single case made […]


Back in March, The Game got into a fight on a basketball court with an off-duty police officer. Now, the LAPD has charged Game with a felony and…

Ray J has spent a lot of time with the Los Angeles Police Department this year, and now he’s mixed up with them again! The…

Former NFL player James Hardy III is dealing with a world of drama today. The 2008 second round draft pick attacked three police officers when they tried to place him under arrest on Sunday afternoon. According to reports, the LAPD was called to an apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles around 4:30 pm. It’s still […]

With as many run-ins as they’ve had with the law, it’s not hard to believe rappers T.I. and The Game have no love for the police. The duo was recently involved in a heated standoff with the LAPD and it was all caught on video. The standoff was the result of a fight between the […]

The fallout from the death of Whitney Houston is still happening two years since she passed. One of the responding officers is suing the LAPD for being fired after he reported a colleague for ogling Houston’s lifeless body at the scene. Sgt. Brian Weir filed a lawsuit against the police department, alleging  his co-worker Sgt. […]

Singer/actor Tyrese is in a dispute with his ex-wife Norma Gibson and it’s all because of their six-year-old daughter. The couple got into it because Norma Gibson wouldn’t hand over the child when Tyrese came to pick up his daughter for his court mandated visit. As the story goes, Tyrese went to his Norma Gibson’s […]


  Whoa! Kanye West got in to it with a photographer outside of LAX airport today and the results were not pretty! The photog was was asking Yeezus questions and Kanye went after the photographer injuring him. The victim was taken to the hospital after the attack.  His condition is unknown. Check it out in the […]

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  Rapper Nipsey Hussle was detained by the LAPD for 4 hours following his participation in a Trayvon Martin protest rally held in the Los Angeles area. He claims that excessive force was used. Check out the story from TMZ in the video below. Interesting how Nipsey was detained for four hours while LAPD searched […]

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  According to TMZ, The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating death threats made against Chris Brown. Multiple threats were allegedly called in to the office of Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos. TMZ reports they are hearing that Brown’s life was threatened, but they are not yet clear on whether there were any specific details given as […]

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In something out of a b-movie or video game plot, the L.A.P.D are now hunting one of their own after 33-year-old Christopher Dorner began a revenge spree against his former employers. In an online “manifesto” Dorner “declared war” on the police force. He was discharged from the Navy just last week and has  formidable combat […]