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Season 2 of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood is just around the corner and among the new cast members is a familiar face from a popular male R&B group. VH1 is known to add a few new comers to the bunch with each season, but fans might be surprised to find out that Day26 group […]

  “Round two, fight!”   We’re back with the second installment of the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood reunion, which is just as wild as the first. The finale episode picks up where the last left off, as Nicki & Masika faced off for the 199th time. The two ladies re-visited the situation that initially brought them […]

  All good things come to an end.   Yes ladies and gentlemen, we’ve come to the end of the road and say goodbye to the west coast edition of Mona Scott-Young‘s reality soap opera. Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘s 12th episode wraps up its roller coaster inaugural season. The finale picks up with the hilarious ending […]

  Reality TV’s never-ending Monday night saga continues on, with Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘s 11th episode. This week we started off kinda rough, picking up with Morgan consoling Nia over her recent miscarriage. Visibly shaken, the young Riley spoke on her struggles with telling Soulja Boy about the situation and how he chose to handle […]

  If last week’s episode took you on an emotional roller coaster, this week’s installment of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘ is sure to one-up that. We begin where we left off, with the birth of Omarion and Apryl‘s son Mega. The couple is completely jubilant over their new addition, as is O’s mother, who’s also […]

  For all those folks that experience a “case of the Monday’s” on a weekly basis, Mona Scott-Young‘s got the cure. We’re in our ninth week of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘ and have seen everything from utter confusion and chaos, to all the hilarity a person can imagine. The latest episode isn’t any different.   […]

It was all good just a week ago. It looks like Yung Berg‘s run on VH-1‘s “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” series has been short-lived. VH-1 is reporting that the rapper-turned-producer has been fired, effective immediately. The domestic violence charges to fellow cast-member Masika Tucker were cited as the reason for his dismissal. The incident took place after […]


Reality TV star and music producer, Yung Berg was arrested early Wednesday morning for attacking a woman in an NYC hotel. He reportedly choked her hard enough to be charged with “obstruction of breathing.” ALSO READ: Yung Berg Owes HOW MUCH In Child Support? According to TMZ, the complaints also included hitting her in the face, throwing her […]

Halloween may be over, but Monday night was full of tricks and treats in the latest edition of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. This episode picks up where the awkward studio flirting between Yung Berg and Teirra Marie left off. With roses, champagne and candles filling the room, it would seem as though more was being […]

  Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood is up to its seventh episode of the season! The show began in extreme tmi fashion with Omarion and Apryl discussing their relationship and upcoming birth of their son. The former B2k star explains the conversation he had with his mother and that she should be coming to apologize very […]

  We’re now six episodes in with the Hollywood edition of the Love & Hip-Hop Series, which hasn’t been short on controversy and drama. This particular installment picks up with Teirra Marie‘s pursuit of resurrecting her music career, which hasn’t been the same in quite some time. The former princess of the ROC attempts to […]

  Mona Scott-Young sure knows how to cure your typical case of the Monday’s. We’re now at the fifth episode of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘ which picks up with the Masika/Nikki Baby fued over Dr. Evil aka Mally Mall. The producer professes to be a one-woman-man by providing gifts and a key to his house for Nikki, […]