Halloween may be over, but Monday night was full of tricks and treats in the latest edition of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. This episode picks up where the awkward studio flirting between Yung Berg and Teirra Marie left off. With roses, champagne and candles filling the room, it would seem as though more was being celebrated than the mixing and mastering of their collaborative record. But the former princess of the Roc just focused on what seemed to be a re-birth of her career, with this latest piece of work.

And speaking of pieces of work, we jump to Masika and Hazel working out in the gym. Watching this scene on mute would give every man a glimpse of what the afterlife is like. However, if your mute button is broken you’d hear more man-bashing than a feminist rally. Once that portion of the conversation has completed, Masika reveals that she and Berg have been “friends” for a long time and that they’d actually ended their “friendship” because of Hazel. Of course this was Mona Scott-Young’s version of foreshadowing, because this definitely wasn’t the last we heard of this.

Up next was the ongoing issue that Fizz is having with his girl Amanda. The former B2k star discloses that he saw his girlfriend driving with another guy in the passenger seat of her car, while he’d just been driving around “minding his own business.” You’ve gotta love how happenstance occurs in these “reality shows”, right? Naturally Amanda claims that there’s nothing going on, which doesn’t sit well with Fizz. So what do you do when you’re newly single: you call up some old work! Moniece accompanies Fizz on tour of a possible new home for him and their son. Talking and awkward flirting commences, which of course comes up in a later conversation between the former boy band member and Amanda.

And this is where the episode went left. We jump back to see Masika and Berg have decided to restore their “friendship” over drinks and food. The two discuss Hazel, her song, and the relationship she and Berg had. After addressing those things, the rapper-turned-producer offered the song that he’d given to Hazel, to Masika. This of course was among many of the topics at a later meeting between the two women, who got into a heated argument over some interesting instagram photos. But speaking of pictures, it seems as though one was made very clear between Moniece and Amanda, as the two met so Amanda could clear up some issues with Cameron’s mother’s lack of respect. Yeah, that didn’t go so well.

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