Kendrick Lamar, who's nominated for 11 Grammys, is scheduled to hit the stage, along with Adele, The Weeknd, and Little Big Town.

'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon has quickly reached the apex of his career by showcasing his unflappable wit on the big stage.

The Screen

Things have gotten off to a fairly serious start for Common in 2015. The Chicago-bred rapper and actor kicked off the year with an Academy Award for his John Legend collaboration “Glory” from the movie Selma. I March, he caught some backlash for appearing on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and giving his take […]

The 2017 Academy Awards are just days away and this year’s nominations list is blacker than ever! Just a year after the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, the academy has made it a point to make every subsequent year as diverse as possible. This year’s nominees include greats like multiple Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, Viola Davis for Fences and […]

Legendary pop/R&B singer Lionel Richie is about to catch a beat down worse than his ex-wife put on him years ago. Richie owes the government over a million dollars in back taxes. He failed to file in 2010 and Uncle Sam is about to lay the smack down on dude’s wallet. The “All Night Long” […]

Just when you thought you had had enough singing competition shows on your television, ABC announces a new series called, Duets. The competition is said to feature four successful musicians scouring the country for talent to mentor. Not only will the professional musicians mentor the contestants, they will also sing duets with them. Robin Thicke […]

According to Questlove, “nerd ish like this is my coffee in the morning.” If you need a break from those repetitive “Stuff that ____ says” videos, here is an example of how some video editing software and a little imagination can make a classic home made visual. Lionel Richie’s 1984 hit “Hello” is pieced together […]

Everybody can agree that music is a universal language. Many American musicians make note of the fact foreign audiences don’t understand what they’re saying when they are speaking, but the audience sings every word to their songs. Well, what happens when an audience speaks a musician’s native tongue fluently and they still don’t understand what […]

As the summer season makes its exit, so are men and women leaving summer romances. Depending on the people, most break ups are hard but you get over them fairly easily. In other cases, you’re distraught and can’t contain the outpouring of emotion. That’s fine. Do what you need to do to get over a […]

Lionel Richie’s career choices have been pretty suspect since the mid-80s, but now it looks like the legendary singer/songwriter might be scraping to pay the bills, as he now appears in a commercial for Walkers potato chips singing a rewritten version of his mid-80s ballad “Say You, Say Me.”

    Los Angeles – Two weeks ago, someone came up with the bright idea of remaking  “We Are The World”…with rappers. While results were less than swaggalitious, we at Hood Newz (boo-yao!!) managed to swap a copy of an exclusive never before heard HIP-HOP REMIX of “We Are The World” and we must say,  this is how it SHOULD have […]