Former boxing champion Kassim Ouma just landed himself in a world of trouble. Ouma was arrested this past weekend in Los Angeles for knocking a man out cold after the man allegedly made several gay advances towards the boxer. According to reports, the former IBF junior middleweight champion told police he was in a bar […]

After reading this story, you’ll never have to wonder why some people act like they can’t give you directions when you ask. A man in China found himself in the hospital after he stopped to give a trio of men directions, but woke up with a shot glass firmly implanted in his anus.   The […]

  Some people in this world are absolute nut jobs. A man got into a car accident and fatally shot the other driver and the police are chalking it up to a simple case of road rage. The crime happened in St. Albans, Vermont and according to police, 30-year-old Matthew Webster ran a red light […]

The phenomenon of adults having sex with teenagers is nothing new. However, it’s getting to a point where it’s really over the top. A Florida woman is sitting behind bars because she engaged in a sexual relationship with a boy who was sixteen years old. The reason the affair began in the first place, you […]

A California man is facing 13 years in prison for writing an anti-big bank message on the sidewalk in chalk. While the charges seem over the top, the case will go to trial next week. Jeff Olson is being charged with 13 counts of vandalism for writing his message about the pitfalls of big banks […]