Some people in this world are absolute nut jobs. A man got into a car accident and fatally shot the other driver and the police are chalking it up to a simple case of road rage.

The crime happened in St. Albans, Vermont and according to police, 30-year-old Matthew Webster ran a red light and damn near killed a 31-year-old female driver whose name hasn’t been released. The woman followed Webster until he puled over and the two got out of their respective cars and confronted each other. Instead of Webster screaming at the woman, he decided he wasn’t going to deal with her angry words and shot her multiple times during the evening rush hour.

St. Albans Police Lieutenant Ron Hoague said, “We believe this was a case of road rage that went awry and turned violent. It’s pretty shocking. I’ve been a police officer for 23 years now and I’ve seen violence of all different kinds, but even after all that it’s still shocking to see something like that happen to two people who seemed not to know each other until they met.”

The shooting victim was a 31-year-old woman was taken to a near by hospital where she later died from the multiple gunshot wounds. Webster was arrested a short time later that night. Despite shooting someone, Webster remained close to the scene. The really tragic thing about this crime is Matthew Webster’s wife was also following him and witnessed part of the crime. She says she had an explosive argument with her husband before he killed the random driver. Webster’s wife also said their argument may have been the reason he was pushed to kill an innocent woman.

Matthew Webster is due in court later this week where he will face a second degree murder charge.



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