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Kanye West can't wrap his mind around the wonder that is the McDonald's french fry.

This year's ESSENCE Fest Weekend was one to remember. On July 2 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, McDonald's held an invite-only #BounceBrunch event, and we're still thinking about how lit it was.

Pusha T is one of those artists who is so laid back and cool, you sometimes forget how talented and influential he is in the music industry. Thank god for his hip-hop angels Kanye West and Pharrell, who have no problem speaking on his behalf, letting the world know about the prodigy that is King Push. This […]

Fast Food workers fed up with low pay stopped taking orders so that they could make their demands today. Many McDonald’s workers are only making…


Okay, we know we heard a little something about there being some controversy regarding Subway‘s bread but we didn’t know it ran this deep! According to NBC News there are many fast food chains who are using a chemical in their bakery products that is also used to make sneakers, yoga mats and synthetic leather! […]


Boy McDonald’s can not catch a dog gone break! According to KPLC 29-year-old Shaneka Monique Torres placed an order at a Grand Rapids, MI McDonald’s and when workers got that order wrong more than once…it was turn up time! Officers say Torres and another woman (who was actually the driver of the car) were told that the next meal […]

When the ball dropped in Times Square in New York City and ushered in the year 2014 it also officially made 1994–one of what many would consider the greatest year of Hip-Hop’s Golden Age–twenty years old. Though often debated and sometimes over-analyzed, there’s little room to argue that during an era known for classics that […]


CNN is reporting that Shantia Dennis a McDonald’s employee in Pittsburgh was arrested upon police officers allegedly discovering her selling heroin in Happy Meal boxes! Dennis was arrested after undercover law enforcement officials conducted a drug buy. According to Mike Manko, a communications director for the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, “Customers looking for heroin were instructed to go […]


  Yup! You saw that title correctly no need to go grab your glasses! The current CEO of McDonalds claims that he ate the food from the golden arches everyday and managed to lose 20 pounds! We know what you’re thinking…we hear you! Check out the story in the video below!   We don’t know […]


We don’t know what possessed our friends over at to post this video but we are glad that they did! McDonald’s is reportedly coming under fire yet again for how they are making their food. If you have a strong stomach then take a look at the video below. But we warn you…it’s not pretty […]

How bad can it get? A parent took her children to a McDonald’s in a Chicago area and one of them found a condom in their play palace and ate it, so she is suing the restaurant. MUST SEE: GALLERY: 12 Foods That Will Kill You Anishi Spencer and her sons were eating in the […]

Doug E. Fresh is known the world over for his innovations in hip-hop, particularly the Beatbox art form, but one thing he is just as passionate about is DJing. As the official ambassador for McDonald’s recent “Flavor Battle” DJ competition, the Harlem native and founder of the Get Fresh Crew got to evaluate some mix […]