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Many a Hollywood entity has been accused of stealing ideas and core concepts for films from aspiring writers in the past, but they haven’t been proven, for the most part. Accoridng to TMZ, the latest person to accuse Hollywood of theft is Constantino Basile, a student at Los Angeles Film School who is suing the writers of “Men In […]

Will Smith has focused on music since that ill advised “Switch” song came out back in 2005. Smith returned to his rapper roots by performing with DJ Jazzy Jeff at the Men In Black III afterparty. Like on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original interviews! Considering summer is right […]

After a decade of waiting movie fans are finally going to see the final installment in the Men In Black trilogy this Friday. Will Smith and Josh Brolin are back as Agents J and K trying to stop an alien assassination in the 1960s. MUST READ: Jill Scott’s Favorite Philly Hair Salon The two stars […]

Sticks and stones may break his bones, but divorce rumors are a non-issue as far as Will Smith is concerned.  The star of  Men In Black 3 sat down with Access Hollywood correspondent Shaun Robinson to discuss the pressures of handling the media’s obsession of his marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith.  Will says: “It’s just a part […]

Forget all the rumors about the end of Will Smith’s marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith, because the 3rd edition of his hit franchise Men In Black 3 is coming out in 2012! The official release date is May 25th, and Smith will be reunited with Tommy Lee Jones. Find out more about Men In Black […]

Will Smith is upsetting NYC neighbors and Mayor Bloomberg with his 3-story “Men In Black 3″trailer. The trailer is 1,500 square feet and “has a lounge, marble floors, offices for his assistants and a movie room with a 100-inch screen. It measures about 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs in at around 30 […]

Will Smith is filming Men In Black 3 in New York City but his biggest fight so far isn’t with any aliens. The megastar has imported a trailer to match his bank account that has residents and business owners of the Soho neighborhood screaming “your house is too damn high!” To call the mobile living […]