After a decade of waiting movie fans are finally going to see the final installment in the Men In Black trilogy this Friday. Will Smith and Josh Brolin are back as Agents J and K trying to stop an alien assassination in the 1960s.

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The two stars took questions from fans at that ranged from time travel to what they would do if aliens came to Earth. Check out some of Will’s answers below:

If you could travel back in time where would you go and when?

For Black people going back isn’t the best direction. You don’t want to be black in 1409…you want to be Black today.

What is your dream career if you weren’t acting?

I’d be a golf pro. I played a lot of golf and that is the only thing I’ve ever done other than chess that can occupy my mind and take my mind fully.

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Where would you take Aliens if they came to Earth?

We’d go to Jazzy Jeff’s House. We would perform “Summertime” for them.

Watch the full “Unscripted” interview along with outtakes by CLICKING HERE.

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