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Believe it or not some of the greatest NBA players were not a No. 1 draft pick when entering the league. Although many No. 1 draft picks have went on to have successful careers, there are plenty of players who surprised us all. Here’s a look at some of the greatest NBA players-both active and […]

In Grantland’s next episode of “Story Time” with Jalen Rose, the retired NBA point guard recalls how he abused an aging Michael Jordan when he was on the Wizards way past his prime. RELATED: Jalen Rose Remembers Stealing Patrick Ewing’s TV [VIDEO] “I remember playing against the ‘sometimes I dream that he is me’  Mike in […]

NBA Hall of Fame legend Michael Jordan is once again experiencing the joy of wedded bliss. Over the weekend he exchanged vows with Yvette Prieto in a lavish ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida. The 50-year-old owner of the Charlotte Bobcats took 35-year-old Prieto as his wife in front of 300 guests, including some sports and […]

Love is in the air for Michael Jordan and his fiancee Yvette Prieto. However, love isn’t enough to get the NBA legend to not protect his $650 million empire. Jordan recently had Prieto sign a prenup. According to NewsOne.com, the agreement stipulates that both Jordan and Prieto will walkaway with all of the assets they […]

The attorney who took on the case for the woman, Pamela Smith, who claimed Michael Jordan was her son’s father said the case was dismissed. According to CBS Atlanta, Smith requested that the suit be dismissed. She filed the suit last month for who son, who goes by the name Taj Jordan (real name Grant […]

Michael Jordan is ready to put a ring on it. Associated Press reports that the NBA legend appeared at the Palm Beach County courthouse this morning with his fiancee Yvette Prieto to apply for a marriage license.  The couple have until May 9th to use their license. READ: 12 Interesting Facts About Michael Jordan’s Fiancee […]

  What’s in a name? A whole lot if that last name is Jordan! TMZ is reporting that Michael Jordan has been sued by a woman who claims he fathered her 16-year-old son and she is demanding a paternity test to prove it! According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Pamela Smith says in the suit filed February 6, 2013 […]

NBA legend Michael Jordan has a lot of fans, but few bigger than Jay-Z. To commemorate the G.O.A.Ts 50th birthday we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite MJ lines from Beyonce’s husband. “Show Me What You Got” “She in the zone
 I ain’t talking bout the 2-3
/Mami in the zone like the homie two-three
/Jordan or James” […]

In the week leading up to Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday LeBron James set an NBA record for consecutive 30-point games with a field goal percentage of at least 60 percent. In layman’s terms, LeBron has been more efficient than anybody in consistently putting up a whole lot of points. This achievement reignited the never-ending (and […]

Who knew that a team owned by arguably the greatest basketball player of all time could be so bad. Michael Jordan’s fierce competitiveness may be getting the better of him. After starting the season 7-5, the Charlotte Bobcats have lost 18 games in a row including a stunning defeat to the equally terrible New Orleans […]

Even though Michael Jordan has been retired from the NBA for nearly 10 years the demand for his legendary shoes still hit a fever pitch every time a new pair is released. Not to mention that these are shoes that were originally released before many of the recipients were born or were in diapers. For some […]