Mister Cee kicked off his career in music officially alongside Big Daddy Kane in the late 1980s. In 1991, just after his final tour with Kane, a persistent local deejay delivered a demo tape of a young The Notorious B.I.G. to Cee. Shortly after, Biggie was featured in The Source’s “Unsigned Hype” column, Puffy caught wind, and the next few years launched […]

Hot 97 radio DJ Mister Cee has been in the national spotlight since he resigned and was reinstated at the popular radio station after he was arrested again for getting caught receiving oral sex from a transgendered prostitute. Now, the man who discovered Biggie Smalls talked to GQ Magazine about his sordid past. In the candid […]

  New York radio DJ Mister Cee finally admitted on the air that he solicits transgender prostitutes for fellatio yesterday. Although it’s non of anyone’s business, it’s everybody has made comments about it.  Another celebrity to comment on Mister Cee’s sexual activity is “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman. Roman says she supports Cee for finally […]

The on-going drama of radio personality DJ Mister Cee and his solicitations of sex from transexual prostitutes came to a dramatic close yesterday when he resigned on the air. “I don’t want you guys to lose sponsors and money. I don’t want you guys to lose that,” he said in an interview with the station […]

  New York DJ Mr. Cee has been going through it for the past few years. He was repeatedly busted for soliciting prostitutes and each time he was arrested, it was found that the women were actually cross dressers. UPDATE: Listen To His Interview On The Morning Show HERE! Listen To Mr Cee’s final mix […]

One of the most controversial moments in hip-hop just went done live on the radio. After being arrested for soliciting prostitutes for the third time, NYC radio DJ Mister Cee went on the air at the station he works for, Hot 97, to explain away his latest arrest. While many believed this would be a […]

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  Welp! They say once bitten twice shy, but we guess not everyone got that memo! It’s happened again, Mister Cee legendary DJ for both Hip Hop pioneer Big Daddy Kane and  New York City’s Hot 97 radio station, got busted Friday night in Brooklyn, attempting to purchase the services of what he perceived to be a male […]

It is reported that popular Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee plead guilty to lewd sexual conduct in a Manhattan courthouse this afternoon. Mister Cee was arrested April 9, 201 at 4am for “having exposed private parts in a lewd manner and committed a lewd act in public.” Mister Cee was caught having oral sex with […]

Transexual, Toni Newman is alleging that he had sex with rapper LL Cool J after LL picked him up on a prostitute strip “Tranny Row.” Toni says that LL Cool J knew that he was a man and paid him $500. Toni says he took a polygraph test to validate the allegations. Mister Cee was […]

April 25, 2011 marks the 9th anniversary of the death of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of the group TLC.  Left Eye died in a car accident while on retreat in the Honduras.

HelloBeautiful blogger and published author of Hiding in Hip-Hop: On the Down Low, Terrance Dean granted XXL Magazine an exclusive interview where he talked about homosexuality. With Mister Cee facing much public scrutiny from a gay sex scandal that rocked the Hip Hop world and artist Lil’ B naming his album “I’m Gay” Terrence weighs […]

Funkmaster Flex unleashed a wrath of bombs on The Power 105.1 crew after his best friend Mister Cee was arrested for gay sex with an alleged prostitute. The rant was about as hilarious as the notion of Funkmaster Flex actually thinking he could scare someone! Charlamagne Da God called him Flex Hogan and dismissed the […]