One of the most controversial moments in hip-hop just went done live on the radio. After being arrested for soliciting prostitutes for the third time, NYC radio DJ Mister Cee went on the air at the station he works for, Hot 97, to explain away his latest arrest. While many believed this would be a “Jason Collins/Frank Ocean” moment for hip-hop, people couldn’t have been more wrong. Mister Cee took the time during the interview to admit he has an addiction to prostitutes and strippers, but doesn’t like men despite being caught with a tranney prostitute.

Mister Cee was the guest on Hot 97’s morning show which features Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds, Kay Foxx, and the station’s Program Director Ebro Darden. The morning show crew allowed Cee his moment to try to explain his side of the story before they began firing questions. Though everyone made it clear that Mister Cee was apart of the Hot 97 family and they wouldn’t turn their backs on him, they did put him to task. Cee began by saying that he was arrested with a female undercover cop, not a male or tranney, as people were speculating. He also emphasized he doesn’t like men in that way and never has.

While Ebro and Peter Rosenberg both tried to explain to Mister Cee that hip-hop didn’t care if he was gay, just that he was lying but Mister Cee wasn’t going for it. Mister Cee responded to that with, “I support the gay community more than anyone knows.” It seemed after that statement, Ebro began to get agitated and started hitting Mister Cee with more questions like, “Family, you have been caught with a prostitute that is a man. is that your freaky side or what?” Cee stated that the only reason he plead guilty to the solicitation of the male prostitute in 2011 was to keep the reputation and his family’s peace of mind in tact.

Cee went on to say that he began dealing with prostitutes because he saw what his peers went through with women and that led him to distrust them. He also said he found it easier to deal with a woman he paid for rather than a regular girl. After being questioned whether he expected the public to believe him, he said, “Either you’re going to believe me or you’re not.”

According to Twitter, nobody believes him. Plenty of tweets said Mister Cee sounded like he knew nobody believed him and was only doing this interview to make himself feel better. (Check out some of the tweets below.)

All this says to me is that hip-hop isn’t as progressive as one would have hoped it would become in 2013. Although we have an openly bisexual R&B singer in Frank Ocean, R&B and hip-hop are two totally different beasts. It’s okay for a man to be vulnerable and sensitive, at least a little, when he is singing. However, when you tell that same man to rap, he’ll jump right back into that closet because of the hypermasculine imagery. Face it, you can’t be a rapper talking about being a thug and gangster shooting people and all of that when people know you like to stick and be stuck. This is not “The Wore” and Mister Cee is nobody’s Omar. We may not like it and try to force it to change, but it is what it is.


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