The lawsuits being filed in the porn industry because of Mr. Marcus’ 2012’s syphilis scare are still coming out of the woodwork. An adult actress is suing porn company BangBros for being exposed to Mr. Marcus’ STD-infested sex organ when they shot an oral scene. Lylith Lavey, real name Heather DeAngelo, is suing BangBros because […]

For the past year things have been rough for adult film star Mr. Marcus. When I say rough, I don’t mean the pleasurable roughness like in his movies. The porn actor has become a pariah in the industry for causing an STD scare by performing with an actress while he had syphilis. However, Mr. Marcus, […]

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  This is ratchetivity at the highest levels! We’d say gag that’s disgusting, but we fear that it wouldn’t be perceived properly. CBS News is reporting that “Adult Film Star”, Mr. Marcus has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for knowingly exposing at least two co-stars to syphilis. He must also serve 15 days of […]

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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute. Lil Wayne says that he…

Porn star Mr. Marcus is stirring up more controversy, which is an everyday thing for a man in his line of work. Mr. Marcus got a radio show canceled because he had sex with a woman while he was guest on a SiriusXM radio show “Radio Sex” on the Radio Sex channel. What makes the […]

As reported by… Mr. Marcus, author of “The Porn Star Guide To Great Sex” and popular pipe layer, admitted that he contracted syphilis in July. He was treated with medicine and waited 10 days under doctors orders to have sex. Marcus had encounters with three women after the ten days. They were later tested […]

For those of you who have seen Mr. Marcus “at work,” it’s hard to imagine the porn star as a family man, married with two children, ages 14 and 7.