If you were tuned in to #TheFam today, you heard Mya debut her newest single, “Welcome to World” with DJ Quicksilva and Lil Mo. But…

It’s September and that only means one thing: Teachers are back to their classrooms with pure joy on their faces, while students are somberly walking into another year of misery. Even though there will be an air of melancholy swarming the classroom, kids will be around their friends to wipe away their sadness. Let’s be […]

Friday, GRAMMY Award winning singer and classically trained dancer, Mya, held court at adult exotic dance club G5IVE Lounge. Based on all eye-witness accounts and currently available photos and videos from the event, the R&B songstress performed in a fully-clothed capacity. But actual, naked strippers working the pole accompanied Mya’s performance. This led to some […]

Some folk’s elevators stop a few stories short of the top! This story is the perfect demonstration of this phenomenon! According to Bossip, the RNB singer Mya received death threats over an alleged long term affair with Jigga that she says never even happened! Mya broke her silence this week and forcefully denied a long-term affair […]

  Remember the beautiful singer Mya? You know the one who’s now thicker than the Bible and supposedly let 50 (and a few others) smash? She’s now addressing these rumors as they come back to haunt her at events and gatherings. Check out everyone’s former crush air 50 cent out. READ MORE HOT ENTERTAINMENT COVERAGE […]

After nearly ten years, Mya‘s love is still like whoa! The triple threat released a sexy music video for the song “Mr. Incredible.” In the “Foxy Brown” inspired clip, Miss Mya sinks into a tub full of bubbles-pearls and all-while cooing sexy sentiments into the phone. The heat gets turned up a notch when the […]

Was Mya always so thick? Who cares if she was or wasn’t, the “It’s All about Me Singer” has matured into one h*ll of a woman! With her music career taking a backseat for reasons we call “unknown politics,” the Italian and African American songstress has made more business in recent years on her sexy […]

As the summer season makes its exit, so are men and women leaving summer romances. Depending on the people, most break ups are hard but you get over them fairly easily. In other cases, you’re distraught and can’t contain the outpouring of emotion. That’s fine. Do what you need to do to get over a […]

Mya joined Beenie Man on stage in Jamaica during Reggae Sumfest 2011 in Montego Bay to perform “Girls Dem Suga.” Mya looked amazing as always showcasing her long juicy legs in a yellow dress. Click here, for more photos of Mya and Beenie Man at Sumfest. Mya & Her Thick Thighs Hit The Stage For […]

The summer is here, which means our favorite celebrity women will be hitting the beach and or pool in itsy bitsy bathing suits. Who are our picks for the hottest celebs in bikinis? Amber Rose & Rosa Acosta Caught Making Out! [PHOTOS] Take a look at the gallery and find out who looks smokin’ (or […]