Now that Jason-Pierre Paul is nearly fully recovered and is set to hit the field with the New York Giants this season, he's decided to take part in a Public Service Announcement about the dangers of fireworks.

Football season may be over, but Rashad Jennings of the New York Giants just logged another win.


Yes, the Cowboys straight up crippled the Giants defense during that final seconds-long drive. But to do so, Cowboys needed a lot more seconds than they would’ve gotten had Eli Manning decided not to throw the ball away and halt to clock in the drive before. The heat he got right after is warranted. Manning finally answered for himself. […]

News Cowboys-Giants rivalry is one of great stress and heartache. This time the Giants got the worse end of it. New York lost 27-26 after it crumbled in the Cowboys’ last drive in the final seconds. Tony Romo was supposed to blow it with another interception in that final drive. He’d already thrown two interceptions, including a pick […]


Earlier this month, Jason Pierre-Paul visited the Giants for the first time since the fireworks incident that forced him to amputate his right index finger. The news called for cautious optimism, but that smidgeon of hope reportedly turned sour after that visit. ESPN’s Dan Graziano reports that Pierre-Paul’s injury was worse than the Giants thought. A source told them […]

The best catch of the night happened after the win against the Green Bay Packers when New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett caught a fan who was falling over a railing. Bennett was tossing his gloves up to kids in the stand when a middle aged man who was attempting to grab for a […]

Are you ready for some football? That silly question won’t be asked before a Monday night football game anymore. Of course you’re ready. Many of you ordered Madden 13 months ago, signed up for your fantasy football leagues, and switched cable providers to get the free NFL package. As we commence with another 21 weeks of the […]

This morning on my way to work, I was conveniently rerouted by several police officers due to the abundance of Giants fans bundled together in downtown Manhattan to catch a glimpse of the Super Bowl heroes at the Ticker Tape Parade! The streets turned white and blue as the team made their way through NYC! […]

If you’re a football fan, avid or casual, then you’ve heard the rumblings.  You’ve noticed how undoubtedly similar this New York Giants team is to the 2007 squad, a team that got on a hot streak late and went all the way to the Super Bowl and ended what would have been a historic season […]

Super Bowl-bound New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has made a name for himself by making great catches and for the salsa dance he does after making touchdowns. But is he the nicest in the endzone?

Last night, the New York Giants weren’t the only people celebrating! 50 Cent raked in $500,000 after he bet on blue to win against the San Francisco 49ers! “Just watched a 500,000 dollar foot ball game get on my level,” tweeted 50 “I’m giving this money to my nana she gonna faint LMAO all she […]