After being taken to task by Tom Joyner on his blog and making headlines nationwide for his comments about fat people, Tyrese apologized via his Twitter account. This morning…

  People with children living in North Andover, Massachusets are very angry with the school district. In an effort to curb childhood obesity, the schools sent home a letter talking about ways to fight obesity with the children who are “fat.” When a young student named Cameron Watson,10, came home with the “fat letter,” his […]

On Thursday (9/13) the New York City Health Department became the first in the nation to ban the sale of sugared beverages larger than 16 oz. at restaurants, mobile food carts, sports arenas and movie theaters. America has a weight problem… can’t wait to eat (word to Robin Harris, R.I.P.). The First Lady Michelle Obama has […]

African-Americans frequently look towards race and economic factors as our biggest challenges, but there are self-inflicted problems that are literally killing us. The recent and untimely deaths of Heavy D and Patrice O’Neal has made the health issues that arise from being overweight very hard to ignore. According to HuffPost, obesity is a “full-blown crisis […]

Does a woman have to lose weight to get a man? Read what The Black Man has to say about this one!

In his fourth video blog, Charlamagne has a bone to pick with Aretha Franklin and fat people everywhere. Click here to watch his latest video rant.