Hazel E is recovering from a nose job and chilling in the arms of her new bae, Katt Williams. TMZ caught up with the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star after her rhinoplasty, as she parked the newPorsche that Katt bought for her. https://instagram.com/p/39jGOTHeHE/   The comedian sprinkled Hazel with a slew of other gifts, like designer bags and a new […]

If you follow the women on reality television and social media, you’d most likely think it’s hard out here for women with flat booties. To combat the epidemic of having a flat back with a crack, women have resorted to getting booty injections. “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Nya Lee has never been […]

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We aren’t even sure how this works exactly but Love And Hip Hop’s Nya Lee admitted to having butt injections in a recent interview with DJ Vlad. Take a look at what she said went down in the video below!     Just goes to show…a whole lot of what you think is real may not […]

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So this is just getting messier and messier with these girls from RHOA! First Kenya decided to take Kordell‘s side about the gay allegations writing in her blog, “I find it quite disturbing that Porsha and her family go on and on about the fact that Kordell may be gay. After all, she told the […]

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All week long on “The Talk” the ladies revealed very deep personal secrets about themselves. Check out what Julie Chen revealed about some controversial plastic surgery that she had done in order to avoid racism in the video below.     According to People Magazine, Julie has been getting a lot of feedback about her […]

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Plastic surgery is no longer the dark and dirty secret amongst old, white women. Nips and tucks are the order of the day when you’re living in Hollyweird, and black celebrities are signing up for everything from nose jobs to ab sketching.  Aside from Michael Jackson’s bizarro transformation from a normal black kid to an […]

We have all watched Lil’ Kim go from a cute “hood chick” to a Hello Kitty Doll. Kimmy has some good days and a lot of bad ones, but this time around- she’s looking great!