The Screen

Earlier this month, BET announced that everyone’s favorite celebrity prank show Punk’d would be making it’s triumphant return on their network this fall and the debut episode did not disappoint in the least. Viewers who tuned in to the premiere episode of Punk’d on BET got a first hand look at how differently the show is […]

Amy Schumer‘s recent KimYe prank should be dubbed “the fall seen ’round the world” – seriously, weeks later, people are still talking about it. Kim Kardashian and Kanye…

This dude must have wanted to get killed!!!  This crazy prank of a man pretending to steal gas out of peoples cars on Livingston ave…

Since communication via internet has become so popular, people have forgotten how to have a conversation with people who are in their presence. One of the main components of having a conversation is paying attention and listening. However, people rarely do either anymore. Two men who wondered exactly how much people don’t pay attention decided […]

When social media first became popular, it was a place for people to post short statuses about their day and a little bit about their lives. Now that we are knee deep in the age of social media, people have taken to using various platforms to overshare. Comedian Jack Vale decided he was going to […]

Everybody knows that late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel pulls some of the best pranks seen on television. need we remind you about the fire twerker? Well, for Halloween, Kimmel issued a challenge to all of his viewers who have small children. As a prank, tell your kids that you ate all of their […]