Quantum of Solace

After Diddy’s audition tape made the e-streets, the self-proclaimed “king” is hoping that his footage will sway filmmakers to consider casting him as the first black James Bond.

After the success of Quantum of Solace, director Marc Forster is leaving martini-swilling secret agents for the wonderful world of flesh-eating zombies.

The suits in Hollywood let out a collective sigh of relaxation as moviegoers set aside worries about the economy, in this age of Obama, to hand over $70.4-million dollars opening gross for Sony/MGM’s Quantum of Solace.

For those who missed out on Casino Royale, it marked a serious change in the James Bond legacy. With Daniel Craig running roughshod throughout the extended footnote to Royale in Quantum of Solace, the players involved continue to radically reshuffle the series traditional elements to bring Bond into the 21st Century.

Alicia Keys is set to rock out when she teams up with The White Stripes’ frontman Jack White for “Another Way to Die,” the theme song for the 22nd James Bond adventure, Quantum of Solace.