Whether he's letting those Twitter fingers fly, rapping, or giving a speech at an award ceremony, when Kanye West speaks, we listen.

Yeezus! Can this guy give us a break please? Kanye West‘s most resent rant is so ridiculous that we would never have believed he actually said it had it not been for TMZ‘s video showing him spewing the nonsense himself! Take a look at his latest foolishness below!   RELATED: 10 Reasons David Blaine Should Make […]

As we previously reported, rapper and professional ranter, Kanye West pulled some foolishness at his show the other night. The buffoonery was epic as Ye began screaming and hollering into the mic for Charlamagne and Sway to, “Shut the f*ck up!” We all knew there was no way that rant was going to go unchecked…and of […]

So we imagine by now that when we tell you that Kanye West went on a wild eyed crazy rant during a “Yeezus“show…you are all probably looking at your screens and thinking…yes…and water is wet and knives are sharp…in other words duh…he doesn’t seem to do much else these days. RELATED: 10 Reasons David Blaine Should […]

Recently, it was reported that Donald Trump  is once again contemplating throwing his hat in the ring for President Of The United States in 2016. For some, that statement would be concerning in and of itself. However, his recent barrage of tweets on Twitter, give pause to the idea of him having any political power […]