Recently, it was reported that Donald Trump  is once again contemplating throwing his hat in the ring for President Of The United States in 2016. For some, that statement would be concerning in and of itself. However, his recent barrage of tweets on Twitter, give pause to the idea of him having any political power at all. Simply put, he’s scary.

Take a look at his comments below.

In what seemed like a backpedaling attempt, Trump then tried to clean it up a little bit and tweeted the following;

As one would expect, the responses were very entertaining! Check a few of them out!

Upon discussing the validity of the statements made by Trump and Bill O’Reilly, media critic, Eric Deggans said;

“Suddenly, New York’s figures become “our major cities” and violent crime becomes a black and Hispanic problem. It’s also likely true that a overwhelming amount of white collar crime in New York is committed by white people, but does that tell us anything about solving the problem?

There is no doubt that violent crime is a serious problem in communities of color. But connecting it to race in such a blunt and unfair fashion seems more about blaming certain kinds of people than solving the problem.

As always, it remains puzzling that NBC continues to offer a platform to someone so willing to pass along prejudice disguised as political speech.”

Even more curious, are the African American celebrities, that not only work with Trump, but continue to defend him. As the rantings of Trump have become decidedly more racist, these  stars still continue to take to the airwaves and plaster uncomfortable smiles on their faces, as they defend Trump regardless of how horrific his words may be.

One might start to question if those uncomfortable smiles on their faces come with a price, and how many zero’s it takes for that price to be met? We’re just saying.


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