When “New York Post” writer Stephanie Smith revealed she was the woman behind the blog 300 Sandwiches, the internet went nuts spewing their opinions about Smith and her strategy in getting her boyfriend to put a ring on it. She said the blog started when her boyfriend jokingly said, “You’re 300 sandwiches away from getting […]

Looks like Zoe Saldana is  looking to switch teams.  The “Star Trek: Into Darkness” star landed  two magazine covers (In Style U.K. and Allure Magazine)  and  shared some interesting views on the opposite sex and her sexual preferences. READ: Zoe Saldana Is Above All The  Nina Simone Biopic Hate With her In Style feature, shared […]

When celebrities are in love, they go all out to prove it to the world. Amber Rose is the latest famous person to do something crazy to prove her love for fiance Wiz Khalifa. She got a tattoo of his face on her arm. Amber Rose posted the picture of her portrait tattoo on her […]

The decade-long romance between Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley was stuff tabloid fodder was made of. After their split in 2011, Hill and Marley have remained friends in order to continue to co-parent their five children. Though everything between the two are good now, Rohan Marley says he was heartbroken over their split for a […]

Dear Mr. Ask The Black Man, I am a 53-year-old man who has not had a date in the last few years. When I meet women and  they find out I am 53  they tell me that I am too old. Most of the women I meet feel the age difference which can be from […]

Dear Ask The Black Man, I’m 27 and a single parent. I don’t do the club scene because I’m tired of seeing the same heads in there. For some reason I always meet up with the same type of men. They mostly lie about whether they are living with their baby mama; married, engaged or […]

Angry Ashanti sat down with BET to “clear up” the rumors about Nelly not claiming her.

Let me start by saying this– I love Beyonce. She is beautiful, talented in more ways than just one, in charge of her career and on the steady path to becoming an icon. Women love her, men lust for her and when she could have went out and gotten a poin-dexter stock broker that her […]

Rihanna actually kept it real for once and admitted on KIIS FM that Matt Kemp is indeed her Boyfriend!

On the Bad Girls Club reunion last night after Natalie Nunn got whooped again, she confessed that her “people” and Rihanna’s “people” exchanged some words at a night club but security stopped it from escalating any further.