Well, in a case of “good news/bad news” former B2K member Raz-B did NOT sustain a concussion after being hit in the face with a bottle at a concert in China. TMZ reported that the singer was unresponsive after being released from the hospital after speaking with his publicist. However, his manager Elayne Rivers maintains that […]

Twitter celebrity Ricky Romance is trying to launch a music career. No, really, he’s pursuing music. His latest attempt at a career comes in the form of a music video for a track called “MILF.” What’s even more laughable than his singing is the woman he chose as his video vixen. The woman is none […]

The fallout behind Chris Brown and Drake’s club melee still rages on! The brother of Raz B, Ricky Romance, took the Breezy/Drake fight as an invitation to start slandering the R&B singer again. Ricky Romance is known for threatening to murder Chris Brown after Raz B and Chris Brown got into a Twitter beef. During […]

Raz-B’s brother Ricky Romance fought his way into a choke-hold after being kicked out club Playhouse last night which was caught on film by TMZ camera’s. Ricky Romance slapped one of the bouncers who then punched him so hard he hit the ground. After regaining his stance and charging at the bouncer again he was […]

After news broke that Raz B and his brother Ricky Romance had fought with Yung Joc’s entourage at the Salute The DJ awards in Atlanta, we knew it would only be a matter of time before video surfaced!

Raz-B’s brother, Ricky Romance was attacked last night at the Salute The DJ’s concert in Atlanta. Ricky claims that Atlanta rapper Yung Joc is the one responsible for the assault.

Raz-B’s brother, Ricky Romance has written a rather lengthy and wordy apology letter to Chris Brown for making threats to shoot Brown.

When Raz B’s brother, Ricky Romance, said that he’d kill Chris Brown if he ever stepped foot in Los Angeles, C Breezy obviously took it with a grain of salt.

Chris Brown, Raz-B, and Ricky Romance shared some words via Twitter this Christmas and things haven’t quite gone back to normal.

If you thought this whole Chris Brown/Raz-B twitter beef was already ridiculous… it just got ridiciulouser.