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NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS NSFW An old school trapper hat and an Eight Ball jacket, a style popular in the 90’s, was the fashion statement a man made that he had no clue would get him thrown in jail and create the latest internet sensation. The man was riding on a New York City subway train […]

For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. Most people would respond to being slapped in the face by trying to return the favor. When a celebrity punches you in the face, you take that slap and march straight to your attorney’s office and sue the pants off of said celebrity. A$AP Rocky […]

Wait…what the what? These Hip Hop streets are not safe for people who contradict themselves. Case in point, Vlad TV gave Star the job of doing on the spot interviews after the Total Slaughter 2  festivities were over on Saturday night. This was a little messy because Star has gone on record as saying he’s […]

Here’s a word to the wise. Don’t ever get close to Christina Milian without wearing a shirt. Otherwise, you will be popped in your face by her security team. Milian was spotted entering into Los Angeles hotspot Hooray Henry’s on Sunday night. As she entered, she was all smiles. She stopped and spoke to the […]

  Made In America was a great experience in Philadelphia last weekend for everyone except the woman A$AP Rocky slapped in the face. According to the slapping victim, A$AP Rocky hit her very hard across the face and that’s the reason she wants him to receive some judicial punishment. The slap victim, Lisa Wade, called […]

Superstar singer Beyoncé has some of the most overzealous fans in the world. Don’t believe me, ask anybody who’s ever said anything negative about Queen Bey on social media. They will tell stories about how the Bey Hive attacked their mentions and left them in shambles. However, sometimes, her fans take their extreme fandom to […]

Nobody ever wants to be the kid at school who gets in trouble and has to be picked up by their mother. But is it your lucky day if your mom arrives and slaps the wrong kid? Probably not, but that’s what happened when this South Carolina mom went to her son’s school. Tyshekka Collier […]

For someone who hasn’t put out an album since 2008, Christian Ward a.k.a Yung Berg sure keeps his name in the news.