Dwyane Wade may be one of LeBron James best friends, but even he believes that Bron will never be greater than Michael Jordan. The conversation about James possibly being one of the best players ever started after he won the 2016 NBA Finals. In the final three games vs. the Warriors, James averaged 36 points, […]

A few weeks ago, the Carolina Panthers quarterback said, 'We’re beyond that as a nation' when asked about race relations, and his latest comment may be just as controversial.

First the Olympic swimmer said he was robbed at gunpoint by fake cops on Sunday in Rio. Slowly, his story has evolved, revealing there actually was no robbery. Instead, Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, and two other teammates were caught on camera vandalizing a gas station bathroom.


After the Game 6 thumping that the Cavs dealt the defending champion Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, MVP wife Ayesha Curry took to her favorite form of social media, Twitter, to “call out” the NBA for what she thinks is a rigged league. She quickly deleted the tweet, but once again, Steph Curry‘s wife is in the […]

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith has landed himself in hot water again for his views on race.

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Stephen A. Smith is one of ESPN‘s better personalities. That’s why it’s extremely regrettable when he makes comments like the one he made last night. Smith was commenting on the Women’s World Cup entry on SportsCenter Top 10. There was a beautiful free kick goal in the German-Norway game, but there was too much estrogen for Smith to act like […]


On Sunday,  longtime “SportsCenter” anchor and ESPN personality Stuart Scott died after a long battle with cancer. Stephen A. Smith, co-host of ESPN’s “First Take” spoke with Roland Martin about the life, legacy and impact Stuart Scott had on sports journalism. MUST SEE: Kevin Durant Honors Stuart Scott’s Memory On Sneakers Smith told Martin that Scott was […]


  ESPN First Take is one of the most entertaining sports programs on television, and it’s not only because of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. The show is known to bring in celebrity guests and entertainers, and this recent episode was no different. D-Block front-man Jadakiss stopped by to talk NY Giant football, Floyd […]


Stephen A. Smith has once again drawn the ire of the public by saying women shouldn’t provoke domestic violence in his defense of Ray Rice. Many people are shocked that the NFL is only making Ray sit out of two games and pay a fine after video of him beating his then-girlfriend at an Atlantic […]


In this next episode of Sports Stoop the crew discuses whether ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith dropped an inadvertent N-Bomb on the air. Watch the clip and you tell us if you heard him say “N— Please” or not.   Watch more Sports Stoop on TheUrbanDaily.com: Are Black NFL Wide Receivers Cursed? Did Chad “OUCH”-O-Cinco […]