Seems like Blac Chyna and Future are going to put their names in the ring for best couple in hip-hop.

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When word broke that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were headed for divorce, one of our first thoughts was, “What about his tattoo?” We’re talking about the obnoxiously large “Mariah” tatt inked on his back. It turns out, Nick was two steps ahead of us. The funny actor had the tattoo covered. Cannon was photoed […]

During a recent interview with, rapper Rick Ross told the stories behind the almost 100 tattoos he has decorating his girth. Evidently, it is not a map of all Wingstop locations in the South East. “I have over 50 different dollar signs tattooed on me in different places,” he says of the ink, which […]

Jim Jones may have been the most recent celebrity to join the ‘my tattoo was inspired by my significant other’ club, but you would be surprised to know just how many of your favorite celebrities have matching (or inspired) tattoos. Here’s a look at 14 of our favorite love bird inspired tattoos.   1. Jay […]

When it comes to unorthodox couples, Jim Jones and his woman Chrissy Lampkin are the leaders of the pack. She proposed to him and he responded with an “I’m wit you.” He then proposed to her by saying, “So you gon marry a n*gga?” So it should come as no surprise that while there still […]


As imperfect creatures human beings are prone to lapses in judgment. Whether it’s caused by emotion or bad information, people make bad decisions and screw up. It happens everyday to the best of us. (I mean for God’s sake, have you seen 2 Chainz outfits in every picture? The man dresses like Shabba Ranks after […]

What’s worse, the pain or the hangover? Amber Rose showed up at a Miami’s Cameo nightclub with her boyfriend Wiz Khalifa sporting a Mike Tyson-like face tattoo. It’s more than likely temporary but we hope she didn’t wake up in a dirty hotel doing questionable things to a monkey. (Props to Is Miami The […]

Drake may be quietly plotting a response to Common, but one of his beefs has officially been squashed. After exchanging barbs with Kevin Campbell, a tattoo artist that emblazoned Drake’s name across a young woman’s forehead, it appears that the feud is over. Get The Inside Scoop On Toronto, Canada “@drake Nice talking to you […]

Just when you thought nothing could top the now infamous Drake forehead tattoo, one Kanye West fan has taken Yeezy love to a whole new level. A woman, calling herself “Mrs. Kanye West,” explained in a video why she had his name permanently affixed to her backside. “I put Kanye’s name on my a$$ because […]

Lil Wayne may be little, but he has tattoos covering almost every inch of his least the parts he shows off in public. Take a look at these people show off their Weezy-like tatts for tickets to the I Am Still Music Tour!

When singer/producer Verse Simmonds first debuted with his single “Buy You A Round”,  he made a bold statement adopting the “Gumby” haircut popularized by singers like Bobby Brown in the 1990s. “It was about trying new things. As an artist you’re always trying to recreate yourself.” Find out why he finally said good-bye to the […]

Now this just takes stanism to the next level. Meet Nathan Blackhall, he is such a Lebron James stan that he got his face tattooed on his leg. Now isn’t this stanism at its finest. Check out the photo below! Spotted @MTO Recent Post: Lebron James Knocks Over Kid After Dunking On Him [VIDEO] Miami […]