Just when you thought nothing could top the now infamous Drake forehead tattoo, one Kanye West fan has taken Yeezy love to a whole new level.

A woman, calling herself “Mrs. Kanye West,” explained in a video why she had his name permanently affixed to her backside.

“I put Kanye’s name on my a$$ because this is something I wanted to do a while back,” she says.

“I put him on my arm a year ago…all I think about is Kanye. I already live my life like it’s his a$$, so I said I might as well put it there. I don’t care if you don’t sleep good at night because you sing all of your tunes for him him because Kanye West is mine. He’s mine.”

She then cuts to an NC-17 rated shower scene where she shows her appreciation for Kanye in a very personal way. The video has since been removed but we’re sure it will surface somewhere on the internet in short order. Watch yo’ back Yeezy, she sounds crazy. [Source, InflexWeTrust]


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